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The year was 1976. The United States celebrated its 200th birthday; Paul McCartney’s “Silly Love Songs” topped the charts; Rocky, All The Presidents Men, and Taxi Driver were nominated for Academy Awards; Apple computer Company was born; and NASA unveiled the first space shuttle, the Enterprise.

And in Williamsburg, Virginia, Tokie’s™ Brownies made its debut. Just one phone call from her mom, Thelma, describing a newly created blonde brownie recipe from her base mix developed in 1966, changed Tokie’s life. A creative and resourceful single mom, Tokie™ began baking the brownies in her tiny apartment kitchen and delivered them on her bicycle to friends throughout town. The original recipe was developed into eight varieties, and now Tokie’s ™ distinctive line of rich, yet wholesome mixes allow you to easily create these tantalizing treats in your own kitchen!

Tokie’s™ product line is built on passion, a commitment to excellence, and a desire to provide ready-to-use mixes that are pleasing to the palate. As an advocate for healthy nutrition and her family’s well being, Tokie’s™ Mixes use the best ingredients to create delicious baked goods. Bake Tokie’s™ regular and gluten free products for friends and family, “just because." Send Tokie’s™ all natural and gluten free mixes as holiday gifts. Don’t forget to indulge yourself as well...we won’t tell!

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